NJRC's Annual Conference 2021 "Radical Healing: From Trauma to Triumph"

We hosted our Annual Reentry Conference, which focused upon trauma, Professor Haney’s discussion of the Stanford Experiment as to the nature of prison, and the need to redesign prison. Governor Christie and Reverend Sharpton underscored the need to address the rehabilitative function of addiction treatment, mental health, and employment training. The national thought leaders identified underlying shared principles of reform for criminal justice reform and enhanced reentry services. Van Jones discussed the history of the American punitive penal model of retribution and the need to transition to the community restorative template. Van Jones stated the need to remove the existing prison structure by “root and branch.” Court involved women, New Jersey Legislative Leadership, psychiatrists, and community leaders underscored the trauma suffered by women, prisoners, in prison, as well as, sexual violence, domestic abuse, and the chaos of addiction.

We recognized the New Jersey legislative and programmatic accomplishments of the past year, while setting forth objectives for the coming year. Congresswomen Dean (PA-4) articulated the national need to integrate mental health services with policing in critical circumstances, the need for employment training in prisons, and the obligation to provide supportive assistance to veterans. The Conference underscored the immediate need to bolster reentry services and to address the trauma pervasive among the persons we are privileged to serve. Prisons often re-traumatize persons in prison, potentially triggering past behaviors and responses, resulting in the possibility of repeating cycles of unhealthy and harmful patterns.

The Conference shared personal stories of NJRC program participants, stories of redemption, and the critical need to provide essential services. The NJRC values, mission, and objectives focuses upon healthy living, which aims to do “the next right thing.” As Reverend Sharpton stated, we engage in reentry “for our own sake, to make us better persons, a better people.” Amen.

New Jersey Reentry Corporation's Annual Conference 2021 - Radical Healing: From Trauma to Triumph (full conference)

New Jersey Reentry Corporation's Annual Conference 2021 - Radical Healing: From Trauma to Triumph (individual panels)

Welcoming Remarks from Governor Jim McGreevey - Radical Healing: From Trauma to Triumph
Invocation from Cardinal Joseph Tobin - Radical Healing: From Trauma to Triumph
Lieutenant Governor Sheila Y. Oliver's Welcome Address - Radical Healing: From Trauma to Triumph
Governor Chris Christie & Reverend Al Sharpton heated discussion on Reentry - View From Left & Right
Professor Craig Haney speaks on The Stanford Prison Experiment - Trauma Realized
US District Court Judge Madeline Cox Arleo speaks on Women in Prison
Congresswoman Madeleine Dean on The Scourge of Addiction - Radical Healing: From Trauma to Triumph
CNN Contributor Van Jones speaks with Gov Jim McGreevey & Reverend Steffie Bartley on Decarceration
Senator Cunningham & Senate President Sweeney Talk Next Steps Forward on NJ Legislative Leadership
New York Times Best Seller Chris Hedges on Trauma to Transformation
Dr. Gloria Bachmann, Mary Pat Christie, and more, talk Community, Medical and Psychiatric Challenges
Miss USA 2020 Asya Branch talks Trauma to Triumph: A Personal Story

Press Coverage

McGreevey’s New Jersey Reentry Corporation’s annual conference today

David Wildstein

The New Jersey Reentry Corporation, a non-profit run by former Gov. James E. McGreevey that helps to remove barriers to employment from those released from jail or prison, will hold it’s Annual Reentry Conference today at 9 AM. Speakers include: Lt. Gov. Sheila Oliver, Senate President Steve Sweeney, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, Rev. Al Sharpton, U.S. District Court Judge Madeline Cox Arleo, former Gov. Chris Christie...

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NJRC Annual Conference Explores Prisoner Reform and Reentry

Jim Pytell

Today, the New Jersey Reentry Corporation (NJRC) held its Annual Reentry Conference, which saw legislative and thought leaders exploring topics such as prison reform, rehabilitation, addiction and changing the narrative around formerly incarcerated individuals. The NJRC is a non-profit organization, run by former Gov. James McGreevey, which strives to make it easier for formerly incarcerated individuals to find employment when...

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Sweeney Addresses Reentry Services at Virtual Conference

New Jersey Senate Democrats

Senate President Steve Sweeney today participated in a legislative panel as part of a virtual conference hosted by the New Jersey Reentry Corporation to address the importance of reentry services as a key part of broader criminal justice reforms within the state. “Reentry services have been a priority of...

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Sweeney Addresses Reentry Services at Virtual Conference

David Cruz

...But life outside the walls can be very challenging for those who have been released. The New Jersey Reentry Corporation is looking for new ways to break down barriers to jobs and mental health care for former prisoners.

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Give blood and win trip; Annual Reentry Conference returns; more | Upcoming

David Mosca

This annual conference will bring together physicians, psychiatrists, trauma experts, legal scholars, lawmakers, and formerly incarcerated individuals to discuss the journey from the trauma of chaos, addiction, and violence, to the triumph of...

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