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Narrative Therapy: “What is Your Name?”

This week, we are taking a look at our Newark clients’ responses to the following writing prompt during their narrative therapy session:

What is Your Name?

I was named after two uncles; one was a boxer and the other died before I got to know him. My boxer uncle got me in the ring at a young age. I guy hit me like Mike Tyson and I thought this is not for me!!! My family was involved in a lot of admirable things like membership in the NAACP. I had a relative who was the first African American Superior Court judge in a southern state. I have a lot to be proud of including my name. After all, even if your parents didn’t give you anything else, they gave you a name and thought went into it. -J

I was called by a nick name most of my young life. It sounded like a childish name and I did childish things under it. I choose my given name now because I want to be a better person; an adult who makes better choices in life. -A

My father loved XXX (a famous politician) and named me after him. It was to good effect. It’s an easy name and I got called upon in school a lot of times. That wasn’t so good because I usually was not prepared. Anyway XXXXXY (a nickname) stuck for most of my life and it was okay. I liked it and thought it sounded cool. I’ve been proud of it and proud of my father. -J

I was not named after anyone. Most my life I was called XXXXY (a nickname). I knew if I heard my full name, I was in trouble. XXXXY was a childish name and now I use my full name which means honoring God. It means there is a reason I’m here and like the biblical figure whose name I have, I will go the extra mile for what I believe in. -T

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