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Narrative Therapy: “A Strength or Skill You Can Rely On In Life”

I am a jack of all trades. Really, I can fix anything. I have always liked taking things apart and putting them back together just to see how they work. When I was 7 or 8 years old back in 1978/79, I was living in the South with my grandfather. He taught me and my cousins how to build things: sheds, barns, fences. I would like to, someday, build my own house. I could do it. I would just like to have my own hands in the place I live. -C

I have a unique skill which is the ability to read the atmosphere around me. I’m not saying I’m a psychic, but I am observant of the situations I’m in and understand the environments. It’s like I see things before they happen. I guess it comes from my experiences and it works as a survival skill. -A

I have been trained in computer skills. I like to write. I know I am independent; I have raised four children on my own. I have a lot of patience and good parenting skills. I’d like to get a CADC in the future. That is a goal. -A

My faith is my strength. I know I get up every day and I’m in good shape. I have had so many years in the penal system and I’ve learned to live only in the day I’m in. Tomorrow is not promised, but by the grace of God, I know I’ll get by. I think of what I have and what I don’t have and I thank God for it all. I have life and I don’t take it for granted. Sometimes it’s a struggle and there are tough circumstances, but I can get through them because every day is a gift. I focus on what I have instead of what I don’t have. I’ve been in many cells for many years -Annandale, Trenton, Rahway. In those cells, you can’t see tomorrow and you learn to build your faith. Regardless of specific religions, I know there is something greater than us; just look at nature and the change of seasons. -V

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