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Narrative Therapy: “Forgiveness is a power tool. How have you experienced it in life?”

D ~ I include forgiveness in my daily living now. Even so, I was bitter at times. Sometimes, towards my family and friends. I worked hard to stay out of prison and was taking care of everyone, but once I was back in, everyone forgot me – no birthday cards, no letters. I hope they forgive me and I know the first person to forgive is myself for hurting my loved ones. 

 That is where it can all start.

C ~ There are two parts to this – forgive which I can do, and forget which I can’t.  I’m not sure it works if I’m not doing the whole thing.

 Forgiveness – I don’t like it, but I do it.  I’m calm. I like to see people happy. The problem is once you forgive someone one time, they want you to do it again and again.  That’s not cool. -R

 I’ve learned to forgive myself first. Nobody is perfect and if we shine the light we see the negative things we’ve done. But as long as you a soul, you have a higher power and you are forgiven every day.  I can’t discount the negative things I’ve done, but I try to make today a better day.  I try to help out my fellow man and woman. That is what we are here for. -V

 I have beat myself up over and over again for years. The only way to change my life for the better is to forgive myself. In a nutshell, if I didn’t use it for myself I wouldn’t be able to hold myself to a higher standard. -B

Forgiving myself released me from the burden I carried on my shoulder for so long. It made me realize I cannot change the past but can change the future. -E

 For me, forgiveness is the element of freeing yourself from remorse.  A lot of times we think forgiveness is applied to the one who offended you, disrespected you, hurt you, but its effectiveness is stronger for you personally.  When someone hurts us, it is because we let them.  We have given them the strength, the power, the ownership of our emotions.  This is why we must be strong and courageous when facing an act of offense.  I’ve learned that this process of forgiveness is not for them, but for me.  Today, I forgive myself for allowing the offense or the offender to overpower me and control me.  I am a forgiver of me… the true offender. -N

 Forgiveness if one of the most beautiful qualities and moments of life.  It is a moment in time when a scared, hurt, damaged, traumatized, angered soul can show love and mercy to another soul who may also possess the above-mentioned attributes. To show love and compassion and mercy, instead of wrath, punishment or vengeance is a quality that elevates the individual giving forth forgiveness to a celestial level.  In accordance to my faith, I am asked by the God of my understanding to forgive those who have wronged me regardless of their acts or transgressions towards me.  And my gift from God is that He in return forgives me. To forgive means excusing a behavior and being okay with someone, but it also releases you from the chain that enslaves you to that darkness. -P

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