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Welcome to the website of the Center for Spirituality at the New Jersey Reentry Corporation! We are delighted to have you join us on this transformational journey towards personal growth and spiritual exploration. At the Center we understand that the process of reentry can be disheartening, challenging, and complex. That’s why we have created a space dedicated to supporting formerly incarcerated individuals, returning veterans, and people living with addictions on their paths to spiritual growth.

We invite you to explore the website to learn more about the spiritual direction, pastoral counseling/listening, soul care and other programs that are available to you. The Center is here to support you as you navigate the complexities of life, cultivate your spirituality, nurture your soul in your transition to family, community, and a future grounded in wholeness and hope.

We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with you at the Center for Spirituality. May this be a place where you find healing and peace, your spirit finds nourishment, and your true self is reverenced and embraced.

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The Center for Spirituality Board
Reverend Allan Boyer

- Retired/ African Methodist Episcopal, Pastor

Reverend Rocco Danzi, S.J.

- Parish Administrator, St. Aedan’s: St. Peter’s University Church, Jersey City, N.J.

Reverend Martisha-Kanard Dwyer

- Hope Church, Bound Brook, Roots to Recovery

Reverend Monsignor R. Vincent Gartland

- Retired Pastor of St. Ann’s, Lawrenceville, NJ; Former Director of Ministry to Priests, Diocese of Trenton, N.J.

Matthew Harper

- Research Associate, NJRC

Anthony Hawthorne

- Intake Coordinator, NJRC Newark

Joseph Hayden

- Partner, Pashman Stein Walder Hayden P.C.

The Reverend Dr. Torise Hiller

- Metro Community Church, Hackensack ,NJ

Reverend Cynthia Jackson

- Pastor, Allen AME Church, Newark, N.J.

Reverend Joseph Mancini

- Pastor, St. Stephen Church, Kearny, N.J.

Reverend Reginald McCrae

- Retired AME Pastor, Jersey City

Rabbi Yerachmiel Milstein

- Rav Congregation Ishay Yisorel

Sharon McGreevey

- Director NJRC Veterans Services

Sister Kathy Rooney, SSJ

- Prison Chaplain, Edna Mahan Correctional Center for Women

Reverend Raul Ruiz

- President of NJ Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers, Pastor Spanish American Baptist Church, Jersey City

Imam Nazimool Saheb

- Masjid Sadar Community and Center, Parlin, NJ

Phyllis Stone

- Stepping Stones Consulting, Board of Trustees Notre Dame University, Task Force on Diversity Notre Dame University, Pastoral Associate

James Tansey

- First Assistant Prosecutor, Union County

Keisha Williams

- Participant NJRC

Douglas Haefner 

is the Director of Faith-Based Initiatives at the NJRC Corporation. He has served as an Ordained Minister and Pastor of a large Catholic Community in Central New Jersey. He has over 46 years in various ministry positions. He holds a B.A. Degree in Theology, STB in Theology, A Master’s Degree in Divinity from St. Mary’s Seminary and University and a Master’s Degree in Education form Boston College. He has done post-graduate work at Boston College and Fordham University.


It’s Summer, for many people it’s a time to slow down, take a vacation, go on a picnic, or spend more time with family and friends. Summer can also be a time for heat and humidity, storms and fires, droughts and dry spells. If we’re honest, the summertime can bring about more violence on the streets, more guns and mass shootings, heated tempers and bruised hearts. This summer our nation seems to be experiencing a resurgence of hate and racism, antisemitism, a distain for immigrants and our politics has become so hostile and conflicted. Some of this anger and discord is spilling over into religions and faith communities.

These issues slowly seep into our minds, hearts, attitudes, and actions if we’re not careful and paying attention to our inner and outer selves. Spiritual Direction/Soul Care is a place where we are invited to do more than just fix ourselves. It’s a place to experience deep and compassionate listening, healing, and the transformation of our mind, heart, and spirit. The Center for Spirituality offers Spiritual Direction/Soul Care and Pastoral Counseling online and in person. Wherever you find yourself this Summer and beyond, why not begin a journey that leads to inner peace and outer tolerance.
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