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Expungement Instructions

Expungement Eligibility General Overview (Northeast New Jersey Legal Services)

Records Request Form (New Jersey Courts)

How to Expunge Your Criminal Record and/or Juvenile Record (New Jersey Courts)

A Bridge Between the Courts and the Community (New Jersey Judiciary: Ombudsman’s Office and Court User Resource Center, Hudson Vicinage)

Employment Opportunity Project (Northeast New Jersey Legal Services)

Providing Free Legal Services to Low-Income Bergen, Hudson, and Passaic County Residents (Northeast New Jersey Legal Services)

Expunging Criminal Records in New Jersey – Informational Packet (Northeast New Jersey Legal Services)

Expungement Informational Packet (Legal Services of New Jersey)


Expanding Access to Quality Opioid Addiction Treatment Services (From Mark Parrino, MPA, President, American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence, Inc.)

Drug Court, Reentry, Job Resources, Expungement, and Housing (From New Jersey’s

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Resources for Addiction and the Curse of Fentanyl: Strategies and Treatment:

How fentanyl is fueling America's deadliest opioid crisis | Brut.

Fentanyl: What is it? Why is it so dangerous?

What is fentanyl and why is it behind the deadly surge in US drug overdoses?

Why are Fentanyl Deaths Rising?

REENTRY: New Jersey Opioid Addiction Report: A Modern Plague

PowerPoint Presentation Links

DHS Commissioner Adelman’s PowerPoint

Dr. Petros Levounis, Chair, Psychiatry, Rutgers Medical School, President, American Psychiatric Association, PowerPoint: