The New Jersey Reentry Corporation Legal Services Department, led by our General Counsel, Rahat A. Chatha, Esq., CCEP, bridges the gap between our program participants and the judicial, administrative, and other government institutions that can frustrate their job-seeking efforts. We assist participants in navigating the forms, document collection, and other bureaucratic hurdles that must be cleared to obtain original or replacement identification (e.g., MVC driver license, MVC identification card, birth certificate, and social security card), which is essential to secure and retain gainful employment. We further help our participants remove barriers to obtaining identification instruments resulting from fines and warrants through New Jersey Municipal Courts. The Legal Services Department also links our participants to pro bono services for additional legal needs through our established partnerships with pro bono organizations and attorneys.

If you require assistance with legal issues, please contact our Legal Services Project Manager, Damon Watson at 551-256-9691 or

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